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Welcome to HBS Rugby - North America's premier MBA Rugby Club

Saturday is a Rugby Day!

We are holding virtual get togethers every two weeks. Check your email for details. 

Fall Classic cancelled

Harvard have cancelled Fall Reunions so the 2020 Fall Classic is also cancelled. Please join us for our regular virtual get together: Saturday is a Rugby Day!

Join HBS Rugby

Rugby is a game that builds lifelong friendships, provides stress relief from everyday crises, and encourages leadership and decision making skills. It is very ‘PC’. Doesn’t matter who you are, what shape you are, or how much experience or skill you have. You do not even have to be at Harvard Business School - indeed some the the best players and characters are from other Harvard post-grad schools. There is a home for you at HBS Rugby!

The club was founded in 1963 and is, by universal agreement amongst its members, the best activity anyone can undertake over the two years, or more, in Cambridge. A key benefit of going to business school is acquiring a network. There are no closer friends than those forged in battle against the likes of Wharton! But wait - there is more!

The friendships solidify and grow beyond Harvard. The rugby alumni are active, social and in contact for the rest of their lives. Rugby tours are unique experiences and players as far back as the founding of the club still tour to places far and wide. As they ‘acquire’ wives, husbands, and children the experience changes as young charges take more to the field than the more elderly ‘technical assistants’. Of course families too are part of the touring party. The bond between players and their families grows across classes.

So what other priceless benefits come with membership of HBS Rugby apart from ongoing tours and socials? For a start a network. It is broad and helpful but has the power of a social connection rather than just a business one. There have been leaders in almost every industry in the club and indeed one past President played! The network provides informal mentorship over years at school and beyond.

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Harvard RFC #1 Rated